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We will be adding more questions and answers.

General FAQs

Q: Can we skip activities and stay at home to rest and enjoy the house?
A: Guests can skip some activities if they don’t want to do them. However, the money is not refundable, it is a decision their decision if in some moment they change their mind and prefer not do an activity.


Q: Do I have to bring my personal items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunscreen, etc?
A: Yes, you will need to bring all your personal items. 


Q: Do the activities have to be exactly at the time shown in the scheduled itinerary?
A: In some cases yes, for example water activities. But depending on the activity it can be changed after notifying the group.


Q: Can I do laundry?
A: Yes, houses are equipped with washer and dryer.


Q: Are there options that support a Kosher dietary plan? 
A: There are currently no options that support a strict Kosher dietary plan. However, some Kosher groceries that are available locally can be provided.


Q: Will my host be staying at the same house as me?
A: Your host will normally reside in the premises but independent from the guests.


Q: Will our tour group be mixed with other tour groups?
A: No.


Q: Who will pick me up at the Airport?

A: Prior to your arrival we will provide your WhatsApp contact information to your host. He/She will be in contact with you upon arrival and will provide specific pickup instructions.


Q: Will my cell phone work in the US and Mexico?

A: Please check with your carrier prior to your trip.


Q: Is Wi-Fi available?

A: All houses are equipped with Wi-Fi access.

Booking FAQs

Q: Are there wheelchair accommodations?
A: Not at this time.


Q: Can we choose our daily itinerary?
A: The itinerary is designed based on the options previously chosen by the guest during booking.


Q: How many days in advance do we need to book a tour?
A: As far ahead as possible to reserve the desired date.


Q: Can we change our booking dates if necessary?
A: Yes, terms and conditions apply. (link to Terms and Conditions)


Q: Can I visit other cities during my stay in the US or Mexico?

A: Yes, before or after TMT tour dates. You will have to do your own arrangements.


Q: Can I pay for my own airfare?

A: Yes, we can provide a discount, but we are not responsible for any changes or expenses incurred in relation to your flight.

Loreto FAQs

Q: How is the weather in Loreto?

A: Most of the time it’s hot. Local winter weather is from November to March, but it’s not too cold. We will send you a list of recommendations of what to bring.


Q: What type of outfit do I wear for Loreto activities?
A: Comfortable clothes: pants, shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, sandals, t-shirts, cap or hat. It is very important to bring a swimsuit.


Q: Are there vegetarian meal options in Loreto?
A: Yes, most of the restaurants can adapt their regular menu to vegetarian needs.


Q: How do I cross the Cross Border Express Bridge (CBX)?
A: The tour guide will provide you with the instructions. He/She will drop you off at the CBX entrance in Otay (USA). You will need to show your documentation. The signs will indicate the direction. It is an approximate 10 minute walk to get to the Mexican side of the bridge.


Q: What documents do I need to cross the CBX? Are they the same to go back to the United States?
A: Yes, the same documentation is required.


                 Immigration Permit (Obtained at CBX)

                CBX pass (provided)

                Flight Ticket (provided)


Q: Can we use the All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) more than once?
A: Yes, but you will need to coordinate with the tour guide to confirm that it does not interfere with other activities.


Q: Where should I exchange my currency before beginning my Loreto experience?
A: At the airport, there are some money exchange locations.


Q: On average, about how many pesos should I get to cover expenses for items such as souvenirs?
A: It depends on what each person would like to buy.  A good starting option is around $100.00 US dollars per person.


Q: Are there a lot of places to shop in Loreto for clothing, sunglasses, shoes, Etc.?
A: Loreto is a small town, but there are a couple of stores where these items can be bought.


Q: When will I meet my Loreto host and how will I know who they are?
A: The host will be waiting for you at the airport in Loreto holding a Tierra Marina Tours sign.

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