Tierra Marina Tours


Fly from Israel to vacation in the Californias for a great price!

Custom luxury tours of 2-7 persons where activities are decided by the participants. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy and live Loreto and San Diego. Each location presents many fun and exciting adventures. We are flexible with the activities and the more days you have the more we can do! These are English speaking tours and you will love where you will be staying. No hotels, only the best luxury houses for you and your guests.


LORETO is known for it’s marine life and crystal clear waters.  Snorkeling, fishing, boating and whale watching are popular activities. You can also enjoy horseback riding on the beach.  The food is wonderful and you will love the bright colors and shopping.

Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

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Loreto Accommodations

SAN DIEGO has great weather and all sorts of fun activities to keep you busy all day! You can wear shorts all year long. There are also many cultural sites, parks and museums for everyone to enjoy!

San Diego, California

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San Diego Accommodations

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